Allows for the vision and needs of the client to be shared. Then, the space and landscape can be assessed for its viable potential. Best options and most suitable recommendations can be discussed. Further, if needed soil tests can be carried out.


Conceptual Design

The conceptual design gives clarity to the client, on the potential plans. A concise written report on the recommended options is presented. These elements are integrated into a clear visual design.


Master Plan

Following client approval of the concept plan, a set of detailed plans is prepared. These drawings document the landscape with much more depth and guidance. Supporting documentation will outline the variable components presented in the masterplan.

Presented in A3 color rendered and laminated hardcopy format.


Project management and Installation

To ensure effective and accurate communication and installation of our designs,
FIG also provides design documentation and project services: 

Through climate-sensitive landscaping it is possible to reduce your household energy use by up to 30%. Materials are carefully selected so food can be grown organically, cultivating a fruitful, fresh and nutritious edible garden.

To maintain a flexible approach, FIG offers a range of services with varying levels of detail to suit client needs.



Site dependent (determined by a $50/ hourly rate)