Come join FIG Food Integrated gardens Shmita Permaculture
design course to learn the life skills and to create a resilient
community in tune with Jewish Earth based life cycles of the land.

Jerusalem Urban Farmer Permaculture Course:
Permaculture Specialist: Paz Faigenbaum

Through the Urban Farmer course; we hope to provide a diverse range of life skills in which can be replicated and integrated into your own lifestyle. There will also be spiritual permaculture, Feldenkrais body movement and interactive connections.

Wicking Rooftop Gardens

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to create raised beds on rooftops. Wicking beds are a cutting edge technology in regards to internal watering systems. The water comes from bottom up, this creates an optimum irrigation to produce healthy vegetables. Join us to learn how to design and practically build one.



This workshop will explore the principles and ethics of permaculture. We will learn how to read landscapes through site analysis and observation and interaction. This is an essential foundation to learning how to design and prepare a multifunctional growing space.


Winter Gardening and Greenhouses

In this class we will learn the secrets of the permies garden and how to create winter beds, some great techniques of how to grow in the city. Practical tools to learn how to create abundance with smart design skills!!!


Water Harvesting: laundry to landscape, greywater recycling Practical

We will explore the idea of sensitive water landscape design: Water is life force! We will explore different ways in which water can be harvested. As well a DIY laundry to landscape theory design and the practical building of recycling greywater.

Herbal Medicine: Healing remedies

This is an introduction into preparing oneself to connect to the medicine of the land and herbs.You will take away the skills of hands on practical in creating your own herbal remedies, tinctures, gargles and oil infusions to be applied externally. Learn how to heal yourself!


The art of fermentation is amazing fun! Also gives your veggies special probiotic properties for a more healthy living gut to help with digestion. You will walk away knowing how to make your own pickles, kim chi, saurkrauts, curing olives and kombucha. This is a hands on practical that will gives you skills for life.


We explore the forest floor and identify mycelium as part of the living soil food web. Then we will create a special recipe in which we create our own biochachi or biofertiliser for potent rich nourishing feed for the earth and vegetables. Biofertilsers will enrich your soil to keep it alive and healthy and abundance will appear.

Food Forest workshop

Mimic the nature of forest architecture and reapply to a mediteranean landscape!
Date: TBA (please PM)

Urban Foraging

We will go for a stroll to learn about what are edible plants in Urban park. There are many treasures, and much shefa in the land. We will be harvesting many greens! Picking salads will never be the same!


Food Forests

To design and mimic nature to create a resilient edible system based on forest architecture.   Thus giving abundance, fertility and maximizing produce.

Integrated Animals workshop: TBA

Learn how to design an integrated animal system that is a multifunctional and efficient way to feed and nourish your garden. Chickens! worms! Honey Bees and Goats!

Cost: 250 sheks/ workshop
3 workshops for 600 sheks
Urban Farmer Course; All 10 workshops for 1800 sheks
Bring a friends and receive 10% discount