Food Integrated Gardens is a permaculture start-up that empowers healthy conscious living, through design, installation and education. We focus on edible landscapes and the relationships that exist in the natural environment.

Holisitic permaculture design ensures a resilient landscape and community is created. Through systematic thinking, local resources are harnessed and not gone to waste. Maximise produce and save energy to ensure an efficient flowing lifestyle. From Urban Rooftops, vertical edible walls, to fringe garden dwellings to creating ecofarms, FIG caters and adapts to diverse range of spaces and budgets, no size too small.  

Organic - no pesticides
Ethical Wood - sourced non toxic
Water efficient - rainwater/ greywater harvesting
Community - cultivating diversity
Experienced - principle based solutions
Fun - Down to earth !
Education: Workshops and courses


 Paz Faigenbaum: Director of FIG since 2010

Paz Faigenbaum: Director of FIG since 2010


I really want to empower you in a creative process in how to be self sufficient and how to use your potential to grow organically. 

“Think globally and act locally!” Bill Mollison; Permy Pioneer
I live by these words, having travelled extensively being involved in India Earth Architecture institute design of a tsunami hit fisherman village. To Being an assistant of a PHD student in Finland forest peatlands measuring Carbon levels, (pre climate change bonaza!) Having lived with a Mapuche tribal family in Patagonia Argentina for 6 months developing water systems. To the jungle cliffs of Papua New guinea, working the ancient food forest systems with the experienced grandmas of the land. Having developed many suburban gardens, food forests and workshops around Australia.

FIG being operational in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years was a great nesting ground to nurture the aliyah process. Now 4 years into Israel the fruits of the vision are ripe. Having learnt with the Permaculture Pioneer dave Holmgren and other leading experts in the field. Paz is bringing a diverse range of experience to sink roots and grow fruits in the holy land and has been operating around Jerusalem for 5 years now.